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Jan 19, 2021

One Month Old

By Casey and Mike

Earlier this week, you turned one month old! We feel like you have grown so much already and we’ve grown as new parents, too. Your beautiful brown hair continues to fill in and is quite long in some places. You love looking around and watching our faces and we love your new expressions and sounds. Your head has gotten longer and your cheeks have continued to grow!

You are also still hungry all the time! We breastfeed as much as we can, but mostly throughout the night when you sleep 2-3 hours at a time which gives mom the opportunity to resupply and it goes smoother for the both of us. During the day, you’re hungry every 60-90 minutes so you get a mix: mostly bottles of pumped breast milk, 1-2 bottles of formula, and we try to breastfeed before lunch. When you take a bottle, mom pumps to try to get her supply up. She wants to give you breastmilk as much as possible during these first couple of months at least (before you get your vaccines), to build your immunity.

Your typical day starts pretty early... after a feed around 6am, mom takes you downstairs for some quiet time. Around 7, dad gets ready for work and comes down, too. We’re very thankful he can work mostly remotely from his home office in the room next door to us. He works on mobile device management, mostly iPads (I wonder if iPads will still be a thing when you’re old enough to read this). Being back at work has been an interesting challenge for dad. He loves that you and mom are so close all day but feels bad when work is busy and can’t get away to hang out and play.

Mom subjects you to a lot of reality television throughout the day during our rotation of napping and feeding. Dad checks on us every hour and he loves taking you from me when he has a break between meetings. We fit in some tummy time mid-morning which you are a rockstar at! You neck muscles are getting so strong and you kick your feet like you want to crawl. Dani also enjoys watching tummy time. (Earlier today you were laying across mom’s lap feeding while your puppy was asleep on the couch next to us and you were rubbing your feet in her fur. You two love each other so much!) We try to get you to nap in your crib around lunch time. Sometimes, you prefer to sleep on mom’s chest while she rocks you. After work, dad makes us dinner while you feed again and then he takes you for awhile while mom eats hands-free and we hang out in bed before we start the nighttime feed cycle. You are sleeping better each day but mom and dad would love a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep.