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Hello! My name is Mike Matter and I built this site as a way for my wife Casey and I to document our thoughts and experiences as we go through this parenthood journey together. Sure things like Facebook and Instagram exist to serve this purpose but being the nerd I am (and always looking for any excuse to build something from scratch) I decided to create this site. It's an extremely simple site with just some basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but it helps scratch that nerd itch I have (as a fun side note I built this whole site on my iPad using an awesome text editor called Textastic). Someday we will hand this site off to our son (given the site is really his being its his name) and see what he does with it. That is if he is interested in nerdy things like this. I promise not to force my nerdy ways upon him!

Please feel free to check back now and then as we add to this site and document our journey. We hope to post regularly, once a week or so, but we will see what life brings. Oh and please forgive the spelling mistakes and terrible grammer. I'm a programmer at heart, not an english major.