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April 4, 2021

Growing and Giggles

By Casey and Mike

Oliver, you are just about 16 weeks old. Each passing day, your personality grows more and more. It’s amazing to see how far you have come in such a short time!

When you wake up in the morning you don’t wake up angry or crying. Instead, we hear you talking up a storm telling us to come get you. You love to babble at us. We are still trying to figure out what you are saying, but we sure do love the conversations. When you see our faces now, you smile. It makes coming home from being gone such a treat when your face lights up. You are giving us more and more laughs each day. And not just little ones but big old belly laughs! We are finding where you are ticklish and, if it’s anything like dad, it’s everywhere. You are a champ at tummy time, holding your head up so high! At 12 weeks, you rolled over for your first time! Dad was watching you in the morning while Mom worked. We got down on the floor and dad started taking some pictures. He put his phone down for just a moment and then you flipped right on over from your stomach to your back. Mom and Dad were so excited! Maybe a little too much, because you started crying right after. Since then, we got a couple more rolls and now mom and dad manage to keep it under control.

Moments before you rolled over for the first time!

Grandma Sue has been over a lot lately to watch you. Mom’s been working more hours, but wasn’t ready to go back full time just yet (she misses you too much!). And Dad’s work has been extra busy and, as much as he would love to stay home with you all day, he has had to go in. So while Mom works, grandma Sue entertains you and teaches you new tricks, like sticking your feet in your mouth (which you find hilarious). We are so lucky to have Grandma to be able to watch you while we work. You even did your first car ride without us down to grandma Sue and grandpa Tom’s house. It was a little nerve-racking watching you drive away without us but we know grandma is a professional at this. She has had many years of practice at watching little ones.

Grandma says it looks like you are leaning over to talk to a friend at the bar.

Another big first was your visit to Rushford, Minnesota. It was your longest car ride yet but it was worth it to see family. First we stopped at great grandma Joanne’s apartment. We had a lovely visit and great grandma got a chance to hold you for the first time.

We then made our way down to aunt Chrissy and cousin Ava’s house. They were so excited to finally meet you in-person. The rest of the Matter family showed up and it was the first time we had all gathered together in a long time. It was a fun Sunday afternoon with lots of laughs.

The other big update is that, last week, Governor Walz announced that all Minnesotan’s ages 16+ are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine! Mom got in two days after being eligible and we’re so excited to start passing antibodies through breastmilk (you are still a champ at nursing—or eating in general—you eat as much as a 6-month-old!). Dad gets his first vaccine today and most of your grandparents got in early and are getting their second doses. We’re so excited to have more comfort bringing you places and spending more time with family.