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October 4, 2021

Toofers are here & feelin' fall

By Casey and Mike

As soon as you started crawling (at 8 months old), it felt like it just took a day or two for you to completely own the skill. You move so fast, especially when you think you can make it to the pet food dishes before we notice. You let out a little giggle when you think you’re getting away with something you shouldn’t.

Trying to make a break for it!

You are discovering so many things through crawling! You especially love stuffing leaves and cheerios down the floor vent. You also pretty quickly learned how to pull yourself up on the furniture. You’re rarely just sitting on the floor anymore… you’re standing and playing by the coffee table, chairs, walking along the couches, and more. You’re getting into a lot of things and keeping mom and dad very alert.

Just gunna go hang out in my room.

Toofers are here! Your first tooth came in Labor Day weekend (8.5 months). And your second closely followed. You’ve actually done pretty well with teething. Definitely more drool and chewing on anything you can fit in to your mouth. You also run a low fever and are a little extra clingy—which we don’t mind! But it’s making nap time difficult. Luckily you still sleep pretty well at night which we are great full for. Now, at 9.5 months, you’re getting both of your upper teeth! They’re giving you a little more pain and making you more cranky than the others, but you’re still smiling through it and boy is that smile getting cute!!

Let the teething begin!

You’ve also become more interested in books! We feel like you’re actually studying the pictures instead of just trying to figure out how you can crinkle the pages or throw the book. Tickle Monster is one of your favorites (from uncle Eric and aunt Sara) We can’t wait for you to learn through more stories!!

Tickling is the best.

With all of these physical and mental developments, we think you’ll be walking AND TALKING by the end of the month. In fact, you may have already said your first word. For a couple of days, you were saying DA-DI, DA-DI pretty consistently. But not for Daddy… it was for Dani! You say it when you want to pet her fur or tug at her ears. We’re trying to encourage it more. And same goes for all of your talking… we can’t wait to hear what you have to say (though we may regret these words later).

A boy and his puppy.

Finally, we’ve been really enjoying fall activities as the weather is starting to change. You are really obsessed with leaves and trees so the beautiful colors and the falling leaves are quite a spectacle for you. You’ve picked out your first pumpkin at the Richfield Fall Fest and later went to Minnetonka Orchards with your friend Riley!

Ollie's first pumpkin

We love taking you exploring and you do so well out n’ about. We’re going to plan more activities for you soon!