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December 16th, 2021

One Year Old

By Casey and Mike

It’s hard to believe you are already turning one, Oliver. Feels just like yesterday, and at the same time, a lifetime ago that we brought you home from the hospital. Over your first year, you have grown so much and your personality is shining through these days.

You have been walking assisted for a while now but just this week (on 12/12 which was your due date) you took your first steps on your own! Mom and Dad have been playing a game with you at night of “pass the toy” where you walk between us giving us the toy you have. After a few nights of doing this, you surprised Dad one afternoon while he was watching you alone. You found the toy on the end table that we had been passing the night before. As soon as you grabbed the toy you giggled with delight and walked over to Dad on the other couch to give him the toy! Luckily the house cameras have caught the moment so Dad could play it for Mom when she got home. We are so excited (and nervous) to see you start walking more. We’ve already started another round of baby-proofing. We are SO proud of you!

Taking our first steps!

Mom and Dad disagree on whether or not you’ve said your first word(s) yet. One thing you do say (quite a lot) is “uh oh.” Whether it’s dropping a toy, or (purposefully) dropping your water bottle, you are the first person to say “uh oh.” Now, Dad’s not sure if “uh oh” counts as a word but you also try to say your puppy’s name. It sounds like you might be saying “daddy” but you are looking at Dani when you say it. Other words you know (but can’t say yourself just yet) include: Oliver, kitty, shake, and up.

Your love of music grows with each day. Whenever a song comes on you put your hand in the air and shake it about. You are starting to notice cartoons/movies more, especially when the music is playing. You’re becoming an excellent page flipper when we are reading books even though you try to flip a little too quickly. We love seeing your interests grow and change and can’t wait to see what you are into next.

Happy Holidays!

We’re having fun celebrating your birthday with friends and family, and then it’s Christmas!