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February 13, 2022

Now a toddler

By Casey and Mike

Look out world we are walking!

It’s been a while since our last update and boy have you been moving and growing! You are now walking everywhere and it’s becoming your primary mode of transportation. You’ve always been interested in your pets but now you love to chase Link. You giggle with glee when you are running after him. Luckily, Link is a good big brother and (mostly) puts up with it.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you become a rock climber someday given how much you love climbing over things. Whether it couches or stairs you love to climb it all. We are still working on going down the stairs, cousin Taylor and you did a lot of practice when we last visited them in Byron.

Hypnotized by Bluey

You have become obsessed with Sesame Street. The music stops you in your tracks and you become hypnotized by the beat. Grandma Sue was the first person to introduce you to Bluey and mom and dad have to admit we also like it too! We also love to have Saturday/Sunday morning cuddles watching cartoons. You love it too but maybe not as much as mom and dad.

Brushing our teeth

You’ve got 4-5 new teeth coming in, including your first molars! That adorable smile is getting so stinkin’ cute. We’ve started to teach you to brush your teeth and hair and you love having as part of your bedtime routine. Dad especially loves styling your hair. Those molars are also helping you to try new foods, including eating a lot of whatever we are eating for the meal.